Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Pressure Cooker Flop

Well, I tried to use the pressure cooker that I got for Christmas last year. I've always been scared of the darn things. When I worked in the Burn ICU, we would always get someone burned from one so I've always stayed away.

I was late getting the Beef Stew going so thought I'd be slick and pop it in the pressure cooker. When that thing started hissing, I think I jumped to the ceiling. The older kids were laughing at me. I'd never heard one and had no idea they sounded so violent.

When I opened the "thing", my precious beef stew was charred and the meat looked like baby food. Michael was so looking forward to having stew. When he walked in the door, I had a counter full of fish sticks, fries and chicken nuggets. Sorry Honey! I'll try again next week with my trusty crock pot.

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