Thursday, January 14, 2010

Back from Miami

We just got back tonight from Miami. Michael was presenting at a critical care conference so I tagged along with the little ones in tow. I was thinking the weather was going to be gorgeous so the kids and I could break out the stroller and walk the beach....Nope! Can you believe they had the coldest weather in 20 years and it had to occur while we were there. Hello.....don't you know I needed the exercise?!

I did pretty well on my WW program. I found some great secrets to add to my favorites list! We stayed in a suite hotel so I was able to cook and have better control over our meals.

My biggest score.... Sliced bread just got better with Arnold Select Sandwich Thins! They've keep the calorie count down and fiber up. So drum roll...these gems ring in at 1 point on program! They pack so much flavor! Try them with turkey, put your turkey patty on them, make peanut butter and jelly or even replace your high calorie garlic bread for pasta dishes. I did all of the above this past week and loved them with each combo. I think I'll put one in a baggie when we go out to eat to keep me from the high calorie buns or bread served at resturants. Go fast and grab a pack before everyone finds them!

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