Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Back in the Saddle

Rally went great and I did pretty well staying on program! I was so worried about it. I mean, come on're sitting in trainings what is our natural snack on anything we can get our hands on. The vending machines all of a sudden start talking to you. And the coffee shop pastries and bagels feel give me a feeling of panic when I go up to get my "skinny latte." I got one and couldn't go back. So, I tagged onto another jeweler who was being called by "The Shop." It was okay, she was so skinny she could afford to grab a bagel and even add the real cream cheese & jelly. Wow, I'm weaker than I thought.....bread and sweets are the death of me! I'm working on it!

I weighed in the Sunday evening after I got home and lost weight! Woot, Woot!!! Down from 212lbs to 208.7lbs. Let's keep swimming, let's keep swimming! We can do this!!! Did you do your weigh in or journal your thoughts? Add them here if you need to.....let's be each others shoulder to lean on and cheerleader!

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