Monday, June 1, 2009

My First Blog Award!

I'm so stinken excited! Do I need to write a speech and by a new dress.....ooooohhhh, how about some new shoes? Reality check, Stacey......this is not the cooking grammies! But you could buy yourself a new kitchen gadget or new apron. Have I told you Divas out in blogger land how much I love aprons?! :o)

Thanks. Sarah for the nomination! Check her "I Blame My Mother"'s so cute!

Here are the New 15 Blogs that I've discovered.

1. check out "tempt my tummy tuesday" You'll find some great recipes!

2. I want to go and have breakfast at her house!

8. super cute hair styles if you have little princesses

9. cute blog with great Disney tips

10. She has some fantastic recipes!

11. This blog just looks YUMMY!

12. I didn't find one recipe that didn't look great!

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